Flamingo Keeper Pre-Order Giveaway FUN!

It’s almost time! Jasmine Toguchi Flamingo Keeper releases on July 3, 2018!

Jasmine’s best friend, Linnie, has just gotten a puppy. And now Jasmine wants a pet of her own―a flamingo! So when her grandmother sends Jasmine a daruma doll as a surprise gift, Jasmine colors in one doll eye and wishes for a flamingo to keep.

Next, Jasmine tries to convince her parents that she’s responsible enough for a pet. She cleans her room, brushes her teeth, takes out the trash, and, most importantly, researches everything she can about flamingos. But soon it becomes clear that her wish may never come true! Will Jasmine’s daruma doll ever get its second eye? Luckily her big sister, Sophie, has a surprise planned that fulfills Jasmine’s wish beyond her wildest dreams.

A sweet, special story of sisterhood and new responsibilities!

If you have already pre-ordered or pre-order before July 3, you will be eligible for goodies! [US mailing addresses only.] Just email me at jasminetoguchibooks@gmail.com a copy of your proof of purchase, and you will be entered in a weekly drawing. ALL entrants will be eligible for a grand prize. See schedule below.


Every Friday, starting June 8 through June 29, I will draw a name from the previous week’s entries. The winner will receive a group of 2 – 4 prizes from the above photo, plus Jasmine Toguchi bookmarks and stickers. Each week’s winner will be announced here (below) and contacted by email.

Winner of June 1 – 7 giveaway: Neha!

Winner of June 8 – 14 giveaway: Emi!

Winner of June 15 – 21 giveaway: Sarah M!

Winner of June 22 – 28 giveaway: Audrey!

On July 3, launch day, I will draw a name from ALL entrants (including previous winners), emails dated from June 1 – July 2 for the grand prize: A signed hardcover set of the Jasmine Toguchi chapter book series, Mochi Queen, Super Sleuth, Drummer Girl, and Flamingo Keeper; Jasmine Toguchi swag; a daruma doll; a 5×7 print of the illustration from the Flamingo Keeper cover by illustrator Elizabet Vukovic; and a bag personally designed and silkscreened by illustrator Elizabet Vukovic!

Grand Prize Winner (announced on July 3): Cathy!

A big thank you to all of you for supporting Jasmine Toguchi! Good luck and happy reading!

4 Responses to “Flamingo Keeper Pre-Order Giveaway FUN!”

    • Debbi

      Thank you for being an educator! Such an important job! Have you entered this drawing by sending me proof of preorder? Thanks for your support!

  1. Mary OBrien

    Thanks for inspiring the love of reading in children! 🙂