Author Visits and Events

I love visiting schools and talking to students about books and the writing process.

Before I became a writer, I was an outdoor educator, a classroom teacher, and the Associate Curator of Education for a zoo. I offer presentations and writing workshops that are informative, fun, and age appropriate.

I have visited students around the country, including California, Oregon, Wisconsin, Maryland, and New York. I even spent a week talking with readers in Singapore! In addition to school and library visits, I have given workshops to kids and adults, and I am on the faculty at the Highlights Foundation.

Now booking school and library visits though How Now Booking. For more information and to book presentations/workshops:


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“Debbi’s visit to our school was very well-received by all the K-4th grade teachers and students.  Teachers described her presentation as ‘Engaging.’ ‘She kept the attention of the students.’  ‘Fantastic!’ Debbi’s presentations were spot on at each grade level.  I strongly recommend Debbi Michiko Florence to any school interested in a delightful author presentation.”

–Joy Blongewicz, Teacher-Librarian, Marion Cross Elementary School, Norwich, VT

“I highly recommend Debbi Michiko Florence as a speaker/teacher in the classroom or at a conference. She presented a three-hour workshop on chapter books for our SCBWI group with just the right blend of useful information and hands-on activities. All of our members walked away inspired and motivated to write!”

–Jody Casella, Regional Advisor, SCBWI Ohio Central South

“Debbi was spot-on with her presentation to our students, discussing the writing process and sharing ideas with them to inspire them in their writing.  It was especially valuable for them to hear from a real-life author how much revising and rewriting is done before a book gets published.  Our hard-working writers, and their teachers, appreciated the lesson in perseverance.  The best proof that Debbi’s visit was a success?  Debbi’s Jasmine Toguchi books are the most requested books in the library! I love that her visit inspired both our writers and readers.”

–Jill Fayan, Library Media Specialist, Jeffrey Elementary School, Madison, CT

“Debbi is a warm, engaging, and educational presenter. She was creative with her presentation and involved the group with an educational activity that the students loved. She was a favorite of both the students and the educators who attended the program. We’ll always invite her back!”

–Allison Escoto, Head Librarian, The Center for Fiction, Brooklyn, NY

Upcoming Events


Thursday, February 3 at 6 PM ET

Virtual: Food and Gender Author Series at Yellow Farmhouse

Join us to explore where our beliefs, emotional connections, and behavior patterns about food come from. After all, food informs and is informed by our identity. The foods that we prepare, eat, and enjoy are reflections of racial or ethnic backgrounds, geographical provenance, family histories, and – as we’ll explore in this virtual series – gender.

DEBBI MICHIKO FLORENCE: Local resident and author of several books for children and young adults, Debbi Michiko Florence will discuss how she uses food to explore culture and gender stereotypes in her writing. She will also share excerpts from Niki Nakayama: a Chef’s Tale in 13 Bites and Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen.

Also: RACHEL BLACK, 1/27 @ 6PM Connecticut College professor Rachel Black will share insights from her new book Cheffes de Cuisine: Women and Work in the Professional French Kitchen and her research on Lyon, a region of France known for its female-led kitchens.

EMILY J.H. CONTOIS, 2/10 @ 6PM Emily J.H. Contois is an Assistant Professor of Media Studies at the University of Tulsa and author of Diners, Dudes and Diets: How Gender and Power Collide in Food Media and Culture. Our conversation with Emily will explore the “gendering” of various foods and activities related to cooking and eating.

PRIYA FIELDING-SINGH, 2/16 @ 6PM Sociologist and Assistant Professor at the University of Utah Priya Fielding-Singh will discuss her new book How the Other Half Eats. In it, Priya explores the complexities of food and parenting, particularly how they play out differently among families of various socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds.

This series is generously supported by CT Humanities.

PLEASE NOTE: Teachers and students may register at no cost – please email