A Book Deal!

I am absolutely over-the-moon thrilled to be able to share this amazing news!

My book deal

This a dream come true for me! More than! Because when I wrote Jasmine Toguchi, Mochi Queen well over five years ago, I wrote it as a stand-alone chapter book. Now, it’s a series! *thunk* And I get to work with the amazing editor, Grace Kendall at FSG! Words cannot adequately express just how happy and excited I am. I promise, someday, a proper post about my long and meandering journey to this place on the road, but for now, I wanted to share this news.

Huge thanks go out to my agent for making the deal happen, to Grace for loving Jasmine, and to my friends and family for all their support! Now, I’m off to write book 2! Look for the first two books in the series in May 2017. More updates to be posted here!

20 Responses to “A Book Deal!”

    • Debbi

      Thanks so much! Can’t wait till we’re celebrating your good news some day (soon, I hope)!

  1. Stephanie Burns

    Can’t wait to meet Jasmine! Congratulations – you are amazing – you followed your dream and did not give up.

  2. jama

    Cannot WAIT to start reading about Jasmine! Good luck and Congratulations again!!

  3. Lynn Rabin Bauer

    I’m so happy for you and so excited to meet Jasmine! Your patient tenaciousness (yes, I’m saying that’s a “thing”) paid off. Congratulations, again and always!

  4. Michael Lauriola

    So wonderful in the moment and so positively evolving for the future. Congratulations!

  5. Haemi Balgassi

    Over the moon! So, so happy for you, dear friend.

    Joey says, “Tell Debbi and Bob, celebratory lunch or dinner on us.” We have to set date! Later this year, yes? <3

  6. Kathy Craig

    As a Student Teacher in my third grade class, I
    knew you were tops! It was so wonderful for
    me to be chosen to be your Master Teacher.
    You have always been ambitious and strong in
    all your efforts. This is great news. A big hug

    • Debbi

      Thank you SO much! How wonderful to see your comment and congratulations here! I have many fond memories student teaching under you – YOU were a most excellent teacher! xoxo